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School Connection

School Connection

School Connection

Find out about all the wonderful opportunities that GLOBE Charter School has to offer.
What makes us the BEST fit for your family?

   -We are a tuition-free, performance ranked school. We have received the Governors award for most improved and best workplace award for        2018.2019.2020 school year.

   -Our small class sizes (15 average, 23 capped) allow for individualized instruction and a community feel. We can really get to know our families and meet their needs. Families often have multiple immediate and extended members attending GLOBE together.

   -We value the individuality and creativity of each child and encourage them to think critically and problem solve while providing hands-on learning experiences. Skill development and preparation for life outside of and after GLOBE is our top priority.

   -We offer full-day Kindergarten,  and  before and after-school care.through Sonii's Playroom

   -Community-focused: annual grade-level service projects

   -Globally-focused: grade-level research projects and presentations on various countries.

   -STEAM-focused: Skate City STEAM field trips, district science and engineering fair.