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School Nurse Information

Medications Top of Page

Students that need medications at school must have a D11 medication form to accompany all medicines including cough drops. The form must be filled out completely and signed by the parent and the medical doctor. Do not send your student to school with any medications including cough drops.
D11 Medication Form

EPi Pen Allergic Reaction Care Plan

TDAP ImmunizationTop of Page

All 5th graders are now required to have the Tdap immunization over the summer before entry into the 6th grade.  Please provide the office staff proof of this immunization to prevent delays in registration.

Skin ProblemsTop of Page

No Vaseline/petroleum jelly products  will be put on chapped lips or chapped skin in the following school years. Dermatologists have determined that it does more harm than good.  If your child needs chapstick ( not lip gloss) product, provide them with one, with the instructions that it is only for their use.  Any shared products will be confiscated.  Students with skin problems,  parents can provide a special cream, with the accompanying doctor's and parent permission medication form.

D11 Medication Form