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GLOBE Charter School Enrollment Process 


GLOBE Charter School Enrollment Process 


GLOBE Charter School serves students in Kindergarten through 7th Grade. Please select the link to here to fill out the Letter of Intent
For Enrollment

To enter kindergarten in any school year, a child must be five years old on or before October 1st of that year. Proof of residency is required. If you do not live within our school's boundary area, you may still choose to have your child attend this school through our School of Choice program.

Kindergarten registration is normally held the preceding January, with parent orientation meetings in April. If you are unable to register your child at that time, you may register anytime in our office, even during the summer when elementary school offices are closed.

To register a child, please present proof of date of birth (birth certificate, baptismal certificate or other legal proof) and proof of residency. Parents must also present the child's written immunization record from a physician, nurse or health department. Prior to school entry, children must be immunized for the following:
  • 5 DTP/Tab (Diphtheria/Tetanus/Pertussis)*
  • 4 Polio*
  • 3 Hepatitis B( a three-shot series over six months)
  • 2 Hib (Haemophilus influenzae type b)
  • 2 MMR (Measles Mumps/Rubella)
  • 2 Varicella (Chicken Pox) Or a history of Chicken Pox documented in writing by a primary care provider.
      *number of DTP and Polio may be one less if the last shots were given on
        or after the 4th Birthday.

       A waiver of the immunization requirement may be obtained for personal, religious or
       for medical reasons.
Student Demographics:
As required by the Colorado Charter School Act C.R.S. 22-30.5-104(3), School enrollment decisions shall be made by the school in a nondiscriminatory process. GLOBE Charter School shall have and implement a recruitment and enrollment plan that ensures that it is open to any child who resides within the district, or in neighboring districts, and has a diverse student population which includes, but not limited to, making reasonable efforts to enroll a percentage of students that are eligible for free or reduced lunch programs consistent with district averages, taking in to account the demographics of other public schools within a reasonable proximity of the School.
Maximum and Minimum Enrollment:
GLOBE Charter School will establish minimum enrollment levels, on an annual basis, based on their evaluation of financial and academic impacts of enrollment.
Eligibility for Enrollment:
The School shall limit enrollment of students accepted through the process outlined below, including enrollment procedures for students with disabilities, to those who meet the School’s age and grade requirements, are not otherwise ineligible to enroll based on criteria in Article 33 of Title 22 or who meet the criteria in C.R.S. 22-30-106 (3) (F) in another district school.
Admission Process and Procedures for enrollment of students with disabilities or a Section 504 plan:
To ensure that the needs of students with disabilities are met, the following procedures must be followed:
  • Following the application deadline and completing the lottery if appropriate, the school shall require that the student/ District provide the most recent Individualized Education Plan (IEP) or Section 504 Plan, if any.
  • Admission of applicants with an IEP or Section 504 Plan shall be in compliance with District requirements and procedures concerning the education of students with disabilities. Every student who is admitted with an IEP or Section 504 Plan, unless and until a review staffing by the IEP team or Plan review meeting is held and the IEP or Section 504 Plan is changed.
  • When an applicant has an IEP or Section 504 Plan, prior to the decision to admit or deny admission, a screening team consisting of the School Principal or designee, the School Special Education coordinator, and a District representative, as needed, shall review the IEP or Section 504 Plan, and, if deemed appropriate, confer with staff at the student’s previous school, and shall make a determination whether the services and space available at the School are sufficient to deliver the program required by the IEP or to provide the accommodations required in the Section 504 Plan.If the screening team cannot reach consensus, the District representative shall convene a complete IEP team to make the final determination.
  • When the screening team (as outlined) has determined that a student has intensive service needs, and that the student applies for admission in the school, the School Principal shall convene an IEP Team meeting.The student’s application for admission is contingent upon the determination by the IEP Team that the student can receive a free appropriate public education in the least restrictive environment at the charter school in its existing programs with or without reasonable modifications. If the determination is that, the Free Appropriate Public Education (FAPE) is not available, the student’s application for admission shall be denied and the student’s current placement shall remain as determined by the prior IEP team meeting, unless changed at the School’s IEP Team meeting. Representatives from the student’s prior school shall be invited to participate in the IEP Team meeting at the School. Additionally, an application for attendance at the school may be denied for a student seeking placement in the School in the same manner and for the same reasons as such application may be denied for a student with disabilities.
Participation in other District Programs:
No student may be jointly enrolled in the School and another District school or program without the written permission of the District and the School. Such written permission shall include the manner in which the costs of instruction shall be divided between the School and the District.
Non-Resident Admissions:
Subject to its enrollment guidelines, GLOBE Charter School shall be open to any child who resides within the District and to any child who resides outside the District, subject to compliance with applicable Colorado public schools of choice statutes and Board policy, If the School has more applicants than it has space, students shall be placed on a first- come, first served wait list, taking in to consideration the enrollment procedures. As additional spaces become available, shall be offered admission based on their order on the waiting list. Any spaces available after all students on the waiting list shall be filled on a first-come first-served basis. Waiting lists are not maintained from year to year. Students on the waiting list that are not offered admission and wish to be considered  for admission the following year must submit a new application.
Continuing Enrollment:
Pursuant to Colorado State Law, students who enroll in the school shall have the right to remain enrolled in the School through the highest grade served by the School, absent expulsion, graduation, court ordered placement, or IEP placement. Students that wish to transfer from GLOBE into a District School may do so only through the Districts within District transfer procedures.
To begin the enrollment process please follow the quick steps outlined on the Steps to Enroll page. We also encourage you to call and arrange a tour of our school.  We look forward to meeting you.